Saturday, 21 November 2015

If These Old Walls Could Speak| Investing in the Children of Tomorrow (2)

kids-playing-inside-21769-hd-wallpapersIf these old walls could speak. So much they would remember. Many faces and memories. Stories of triumph and heartache. Old walls are dependable. They keep these stories to themselves. Like a mature friend, there at all times and ready to listen.

Walls never speak. The secrets they absorb are too numerous to count. These old walls will often hold a secret that, once exposed, will make anyone question their dependability. Ironically, the dependability and durability these walls offer is often provided by and deeply shrouded in a once popular lead-based application. The dangers of lead-based paint are no secret. If left untreated, old walls with this once-common covering impose hazards which can affect the health of any person exposed.

There is a way to restore that lost dependability. ECOBOND® serves to mediate this restoration.

When time is of the essence, our product removes the challenge of lead-based paint removal. With options to treat and leave on those once lead-filled applications, or to remove these applications completely, the power for how one manages their time is again within their hands. Sealing & painting over lead paint is an option. ECOBOND® is the only option on the market today that seals and treats the lead and lead dust in lead-based paint. Treat old walls with our patented Paint-it-on Leave-it-on® formula, then choose your new covering.

If opting to remove old paint, the dust created when extracting aged applications is specifically treated and rendered safe for elimination. It really is that simple. The treatment is not only good for you and your old walls, it is great for the environment.

We can restore the faith you once had in your old walls. Our patented formula is safe, cost-effective, and proven. Contact us for more information. If these old walls could speak, give them something new to talk about.

Investing in Tomorrow

The future of our children. It is a common theme. Teachers, politicians, and parents alike.
It’s all about the children...and rightly so!

The health and well-being of any child is no doubt important. Heavy emphasis in the interest of a child is an investment in the future of that particular individual as well as the future of a rising generation.

Sounds pretty deep.
Poor choices based on misinformation, misdirection, or a simple lack of knowledge are uncomfortably faced as time progresses. What was once acceptable a generation ago, is not always the case today.

Throughout the world, these choices are abundantly seen. So has the case been in Chicago, Illinois. A contaminated infrastructure is readily available and in use by its youngest population. The extensive use of lead-based paint throughout its history has forced the city to realize the impact it has had on children, especially those from impoverished areas of the city. While the debate for class is cautiously reserved for the pundits and politicians, there is no debate on the effects lead-based paint truly has upon those exposed to its application. It is no respecter of persons or their class.

Proximity contamination is unavoidable when lead-based paint is at the helm. Erosion will cause wear and tear to walls, forcing paint chips to scatter into playgrounds, seeping into soil, and sinking into drinking sources. Children will often sweep their hands across walls when walking from room to room. Simple things become cause for great alarm. When living within the realm of these possibilities, potential risk is always great.

There is a solution. ECOBOND® is that solution. Our product specifically reduces the risk presented by lead-based paint. ECOBOND® adheres to a variety of wall surfaces smoothly, effectively neutralizing the potential consequence the underlying lead-based application may impose. When lead paint is present, contamination is not question. It is an absolute. Take control with a proven product.

ECOBOND® is an investment in the life of a child. It is an investment in the future. Become a part of that investment. Contact us today to learn how.

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