Thursday, 22 October 2015

Lead Paint-A Risky Past

riding bikeWe read the humor of days gone by when people survived riding bikes without helmets, eating cupcakes filled with real butter, drinking water from garden hoses, and living in homes filled with lead paint.

What we don't know won't hurt us. Too often this is proven untrue.

Why lead paint? Ask a millennial and they most likely are unaware of what could be lurking on the walls in grandmother's dining room. Prior to the late 1970's, lead was an additive used in paint within the United States and other countries. Its inclusion decreased drying time, increased durability, and increased the life overall of the paint application.

As awareness of the dangers of lead paint grew, so did the myriad of lead paint removal products. If consistency truly is the key, then ECOBOND® has continued with that consistency. Adherence to a passion, vision, and a mission for protecting the environment and human health, while offering a product that is both valuable and effective is the foundation to who we are and why we continue.

There is no worth in the risk it takes to continue living in an environment filled with potential health ramifications. EcoBond® reduces that risk. We offer a proven and effective treatment to walls once coated with lead-based paint.

If risk is truly what you are after, consider a weekend sky-diving getaway or perhaps indulge on a butter-filled pastry. Your well-being and health and the health of those you care for are never worth the risk.

Sealing and Painting Over Lead Paint: The Alternative to Costly Remediation

Lead paint poses a danger to everyone, but even more so to growing children. Their tendency to put their hands in their mouths, chew on window sills or even eat flakes of paint leaves them vulnerable to any paint containing lead. When exposed, children can experience mental and physical delays in their growth, have behavioral issues and have a reduced IQ. Exposure to extremely elevated levels is often fatal.

In structures built before 1978 it is almost certain there is some lead paint. If the paint is in good condition, there is very little risk. Unfortunately when it does begin chipping or flaking, it is a hazard. Removal has previously been expensive and inconvenient, as even the dust particulates are a risk, but this is no longer the case.

Products are now available that actually treat the lead in lead-based paint, and they are revolutionizing the lead remediation industry. When applied over any surface containing lead paint, they bond with the paint, neutralizing the lead.

Sealing & Painting over lead paint with a product like ECOBOND® is an affordable way to make any space safe without extreme measures. This specially patented formula creates a new compound when applied so it cannot be inhaled or absorbed into the system. By tinting and applying just like paint, it will provide a quick solution in any office, home or daycare. It can also be applied to any surface before removing the lead paint to eliminate any risk from dust.

There is no longer a need to restrict access to certain rooms or hire an expensive remediation crew to remove lead paint.

To find out more about ECOBOND® products and the benefits they provide, contact us for answers to any of your questions.

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