Thursday, 24 September 2015

Industrial Projects for Lead Paint Removal: Air Quality, Soil Migration Concerns

Lead Paint pressureFeeling pressure regarding air quality compliance or soil migration regulations? Demolition and industrial contractors run into many problems when removing lead paint on their projects.

Quick and Reasonable Solution for Lead Paint Removal

More and more often, demolition companies are finding ECOBOND® a safe, reasonable solution for industrial projects for lead paint removal. ECOBOND® seals and treats the lead and lead dust in lead-based paint, rendering it non-hazardous for disposal. (Interested in sizing up lead and lead dust particle sizes? See Engineering Toolbox's recently-updated chart.) Also, because it is a Paint-it-on Leave-it-on® application, its use reduces project timelines and helps families (and businesses) get back into their properties sooner, and safer.

A growing number of demolition experts and project managers use ECOBOND® in their lead paint removal projects. For one reason, it is a safe and accepted industry solution that's relatively simple to use. Another reason is that it complies with Resource Recovery and Conservation Act (RCRA) EPA requirements regarding lead airborne particulates. Obviously, compliance is not optional - and it is the responsibility of the demolition company. Prior to blasting in your containment system, treating items with ECOBOND® solves several problems. Such a treatment provides worker and vicinity residential safety, reduces airborne lead dust particulates and at the same time seals lead and lead paint dust, rendering it non-hazardous for disposal.

Before blasting or scraping, using ECOBOND® helps ensure Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procures (TCLP) will meet using EPA-approved test levels and methods. (For more on EPA's TCLP requirements, see the EPA's website.)

Economical and Safe

In addition to being easy to use, ECOBOND® is far less expensive than paint strippers and encapsulants. Its average coverage area is essentially the same as regular latex paint,* and yet is only slightly higher in cost.

This multi-use lead paint treatment can be used to seal and treat lead dust and lead in lead paint. Because it can be applied as a Paint-it-on Leave-it-on® application primer, or even more efficiently, used as a tintable paint, it is also a very convenient solution.

Resource for Lead Paint Demolition, Disposal Questions

If you have questions about the process of working with clients or municipalities regarding demolition or lead paint removal projects, contact us - we have the experience to help you do the job, minimize risk to your workers, and satisfy necessary compliance requirements.

*Regular latex paint is not formulated for sealing or treating lead paint

Lead Paint Demolition: Protect Your Workers & Your Business

While lead paint removal projects are usually undertaken with the best intentions, and everyone's focus is on the health and safety of the residents and workers at the project site, unfortunately, things can go wrong.

Let's be blunt: lead paint removal isn't the easiest job.

Avoid Fines to Protect Your Business, Your Workers, Your Clients

Successful lead paint demolition projects require a balance of components: trained workers, top-notch removal and remediation products, the proper use of those products, and careful work habits. Falling short can mean doing an incomplete job, and that can lead to additional health issues for workers and clients.

In such cases, companies can be fined due to poor compliance. Few demolition contracting companies can afford to pay such fines without severe consequences to the business - not to mention potential health risks to workers and those living in or near the job site.

Education, Proper Product Selection & Usage

ECOBOND®, serving lead paint demolition professionals for more than 10 years, has seen its unique products used in both industrial and commercial industries to successfully treat more than a million tons of contaminated materials.

While effectiveness and compliance are the primary drivers when contractors select ECOBOND® products, many also say that the relative ease of use factors into their product choice. They also consider the fact that ECOBOND® allows a contractor to save time and win more bids, thereby limiting exposure to potentially dangerous lead particles for workers and area residents.

Lead Paint Demolition Questions Answered

Demolition and removal projects can be difficult, and each one has a unique combination of challenges. Whether you have questions about product application, interim control, or compliance best practices, you can ask the experienced ECOBOND® staff.

Contact us weekdays by phone at 888-520-7132, or by email anytime.

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