Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Safe Lead Paint Removal with ECOBOND®: Industrial Projects and Demolition Contractors Save Time, Save Money and Win More Bids!

Arvada-project-smSafe lead removal for industrial projects and demolition is important because it reduces the amount of lead particles that enter our environment. According to Science Progress, there have been 6,000 studies conducted since 1990 that confirm the dangerous effects lead can have on the human body and the environment, even in small amounts. For contractors, lead is a common hazard. It can adversely affect employees, nearby occupants, pets, and the environment. There are several processes for removing lead. However, these methods are often time-consuming and costly. Even worse, according to the Department of Health some removal methods actually increase lead exposure. One simple and cost-effective alternative for lead removal is to use ECOBOND®. Simply apply over the surface, using a spray gun, paint brush, or roller. It covers the hazardous paint just like regular paint, but as it dries it seals in lead dust making removal much safer. The solution works by softening the lead paint below so that it can effectively penetrate and seal the surface. The surface can then be safely removed and disposed of, or left intact saving time and money for the contractor and the customer. ECOBOND® is a very universal product. It can safely adhere to all types of surfaces, including metal. It can be painted over, or applied before blasting or scraping, making it ideal for any contracting job. It is also very durable, resisting chemicals and corrosion, yet has an easy water-based clean-up. Since this product has been strictly tested using EPA approved methods, it can eliminate the headache many industrial contractors face when it comes to Air Quality and Soil Migration regulations. ECOBOND® meets all RCRA/EPA regulations, so you can rest assured the product is safe for you, your employees, and the environment. For more information on ECOBOND® products and lead safety paint contractors can download our Industry Report at www.PaintContractorLeadPaintReport.com

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