Thursday, 7 May 2015

Neutralize The Dangers Of Lead Paint With ECOBOND®

Lead paint has been a hazard that has plagued the US since before its banning in the 1970's. Though the use of lead pigmented paints is outlawed, houses built before the termination of their use still pose a serious threat.The hazards of this material were not totally understood when it was still being widely used. Years later, however, we understand that exposure to a lead dust particle as small as a grain of sand can cause widespread neurological damage in young children. It can have serious and lasting effects on the kidneys, brain, nervous system, reproductive system, respiratory system, and is even a known carcinogen. With all this danger, it's no wonder teams clad in Hazmat suits must go in to remove lead paint from buildings. If you have found yourself in a home built before the 1970's and coated inside or out with lead paint, don't fret.

Our EcoBond LBP paint is here to help.
Never before has there been a product which not only safely and effectively coats lead paint, but also works to neutralize the danger of the lead. When applied, EcoBond uses a patented system of paint softeners and penetrants to soften the centuries-old lead paint beneath and neutralize the heavy metal within. EcoBond is so effective, it successfully renders 95% of the lead harmless. We test our EcoBond in our own facility's laboratory, as well as getting a second opinion from a third party lab to ensure our product works how we say it should.EcoBond is an easy to use, cost effective solution to lead paint that you can apply yourself, right at home. Now, does this mean once EcoBond is applied you can remove the paint on your own? No. Though we stand by the effectiveness of our product, we would never want to encourage our customers to attempt a lead paint removal without following appropriate safety procedures to eliminate the chance of exposure.

Even after applying EcoBond, consult a professional lead paint abatement company for information on how to proceed. EcoBond is an easy to use, cost effective option for treating the lead paint in your home that is so effective you can simply paint it on and leave it. It's the first time a product is available to the public for at home treatment of lead paint.The technology in our EcoBond is so effective we use it to treat lead paint materials for disposal and also soil which has been contaminated with lead particles. Ours is a breakthrough technology and we are confident it will safely and effectively contain and treat the lead in your home. If you would like more information about the removal of lead paint, we invite you to visit our website.

Additionally, you may contact us directly with any questions or comments you might have about or products and services.

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